Designed for accessible restaurants

Chef’s Voice is a pioneering Web Service designed to make all restaurants accessible. The client simply has to scan a QR code with their Smartphone and they can choose between 12 languages available, lo listen to all information related to the menu of the restaurant; dishes of the day (the specials), ingredients, prices, recommendations… Chef’s Voice incorporates a system that allows listening to the written texts, previously introduced by the restaurant. Chef’s Voice also provides other information of interest, such as information about allergens. In addition, the network of accessible restaurants has geolocation services.



Chef’s Voice is a pioneer software developed by the company Puntodis, an expert company in ACCESSIBILITY in COMMUNICATION. Currently Puntodis has 500 m2 of surface dedicated to the Design, Manufacture and Implementation of products and systems that facilitate the understanding of information to all types of people.

After 20 years, Puntodis continues to work so that everyone, regardless of their condition, has the opportunity to face their daily life independently.