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First year

  • License, maintenance, support and updates

Second year

  • Maintenance, support and updates

Yearly license and maintenance include:

  • A customer service number which will help you with the FIRST configuration of your menu.
  • A guide on how to make the most commercially out of chef’s voice, and how to increase sales thanks to it.
  • Some simple instructions that you can check in any given moment on how to update the menu by yourself whenever you need it.
  • The image of a personal QR code that you will be able copy and put wherever you feel adecuate.
  • With the first order we will provide you with a 400mm x 300mm sign with your QR code and your place’s name on it.
  • A 365 days per year maintenance service with a maximum of 48 hours of answering time. If its a programming issue we will fix it, and if it is a server error we will manage your solution.