Chef’s Voice

Chef’s voice is a pioneering service which, using web technology, allows to spread and facilitate information to your customers about your menus and dishes in an accesible way (both in visual and audio) incorporating a system which enables a previously written text by the restaurant to be hear in a variety of lenguages. It can olso hold any kind of important info such as ingredients or allergens.



Map’s Voice

It is a service which, by using web technology, allows to spread and facilitate the user extended information about one or many routes (both outdoors and indoors) and the interesting points in them in an accesible way.

Map’s voice provides information in both visual and audio formats and incorporates a reader capable of voicing your text in up to 12 different lenguages.

Voice Accesible Cards

Visual, tactile and audio accesible business cards. Thanks to the incorporation of Braille and a QR or BIDI code this cards allow to download in any phone an audio description of whatever corporative information you want to be known.