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Chef’s Voice

Facilitate information to your customers about your menú or dishes in an accesible way.


Make you menú accesible for everyone.

Diseño Universal

Development based in “universal design” which benefits everyone, regardless of age and capabilities. Easy acces to information without any adaptation.


Inform in an easy and precise way obout the allergens of your dishes.

Filtro de alérgenos

Inform in an easy and precise way about the allergens in your dishes. Filter your menú based on allergens, showing only what the customer can eat.


Your menú and dishes un 12 lenguages just a click away.

Facilita la información

Your menú and dishes in 12 lenguages just a click away. Your staff will have a way easier time dealing with people who speaks in other lenguages.


A salesman for your business, an allay in the market.alaido

Fideliza a tu clientela

Thanks to the QR code and some easy guidelines in marketing your menú and dishes will be seen by more people.

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